Learn Electron.js with me

Learn Electron.js with me

The Idea:

I got the idea of building a desktop app that helps the user to organize a folder full of images, based on a pattern like, years, months, or even dates. The idea is, to provide the user an option to select a folder that they want to organize, and also an option to select how they want to organize it. Like, as whether it should be collected in a folder based on year or month, or date.

Stuff we gonna use:

Initially, I thought of using flutter to build the desktop app. As flutter promises less memory size and takes short time to load the app when compared to electron apps. But later, I realized electron.js has a wide range of developer support and articles to find what I am looking for. Also, I wanted to widen my knowledge in javascript. So I thought it would be better to start with Electron. So the following are the things we gonna use.

  • React app with create-react-app

  • Install electron framework into it

  • Find a way to access the terminal command to implement our requirement

Info about me, no one asked for

I am an Android developer, who predominantly codes in Kotlin and the native android framework. But occasionally I love to explore other frameworks of different domains. Web development is something I recently started exploring, and it is fun so far. I even managed to create a personal portfolio/blog/a place to brag about myself kinda thing with ReactJS. You can find it here.

When are we gonna start

If you are interested stay pretty close to this space. I have already created a base structure including the react app and electron framework added ready to go. Once it is done, I'll share the repository so that you can clone it and tag along.